Seem like it’s always nighttime where I live.
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Working on new BlackBoxTV ep with some of my favorite peoples. @joeygraceffa @jearsleeper @wmilam @breeessrig @justingiddings
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Hello Canada, I am BlackBoxTV.

Really excited to be a part of the Buffer Festival this year! Canada here we come!

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Yippy Skippy Yo.

Congrats to all the Streamy nominees! BlackBoxTV got 2 nom nom noms.

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Not books for kids.

More to not read here ->

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if you’re patient, you will see the light.

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Wanna see a movie?

Ok, SNOWPIERCER is an amazing movie & I want people to SEE IT so I will gift it to the first person who comments on this post. #NoJokeFolks

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I made this for you.

Here’s a little look at VILLISCA, the movie I have spent the last two years working on.

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Who will survive??? Jackalope or Leprechaun?
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Don’t be afraid to dream. Reality’s not going anywhere.
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Happy Birthday shanedawson! You are forever my spirit animal.
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