Such a good band. Such a good cover. Such a sinister song.
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Will you help me hide a body? (Frozen Parody)
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Horror Movies.
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Minecraft can kill you.

I love when directors take “quaint” subjects and give them teeth. Check out this vid from Brandon Laatsch - it takes place in the seemingly tragic world of Minecraft.

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Fan Paranormal Experience #2 

"My scariest paranormal experience- I was sitting with one of my best friends in her parent’s room on the floor (was being remodeled at the time), watching movies. We each had our own blankets which we were snuggled under. Out of nowhere, my friend says "OW, why would you do that?" confused, I looked at her, then looked back down at my blanket, which my arms were still buried under. I didn’t touch her. She lifted her blanket to reveal a huge bruise on her upper arm. We were alone."


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On set w/ @daisydee3 for @blackboxtv ☺️
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Fan Paranormal Experience Story #1 

"My paranormal experience When I was about 8 years old I had a re occurring dream for a few years about a lady in white (till this day the dream haunts me) One morning I had the dream and woke up immediately. My unplugged tv turned on by itself and was all staticky. I decided to go to the living room (it’s around 3 am) I hear something in the kitchen so I decide to go check and it’s a dim figure of a lady in white. I’ve never seen it again but it scared me a lot."

- http://the—

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Gremlins Reboot? 

There has been talk between Spielberg and Warner Brothers Studios of Gremlins reboot. The movie would be a remake of the original rather than a Gremlins 3. With advanced, current, technology such as CGI a revamp of the original gremlins would be awesome. CGI gremlins = more gruesome movie. With modern technology a new Gremlins will probably lean more towards an R and will hopefully be more dark and gruesome.
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Paranormal Experiences Contest

Message us you’re scariest/oddest paranormal experiences on Tumblr and we will read through them all. The scariest/strangest/oddest one will be featured on our Tumblr page. Please don’t send them in anonymously so we can credit you if you win.

- BlackBoxTv

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